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RCIA Invitation-How to Become a Catholic

Posted by Anne Pena on 6/18/15

Please Click on above "RCIA Invitation-How to Become a Catholic" then click here:

Encyclical on Environment (Laudito si'): Original Official Text

Posted by Anne Pena on 6/18/15

First click above on title "Encyclical on Environment (Laudito si'): Original Official Text", then Click here for Encyclical

FYI: The title of the encyclical is taken from St Francis of Assisi’s Canticle of the Sun, published around 1224, which praises God for his creation. 


April 2015 Prayer for Vocations

Posted by Anne Pena on 4/15/15

Pope Francis Message on Vocations

April 2015 Fr. Andre Weller message of Pope Francis

Posted by Anne Pena on 4/15/15

Pope Francis Message for the Jubilee Year of Mercy

November 2014 Deacon's Monthly Note

Posted by Anne Pena on 11/04/14



With peace and joy in the Lord, to love and serve Christ and His Church may we have new strength to continue serving you the Parishioners of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque.  God bless each and every one of you.

This past month was once again fulfilling and ... Read More »

October 2014 Deacon's Monthly Note

Posted by Dcn Fred Valdanegro on 9/30/14

OCTOBER 2014                                                                                               ... Read More »


Posted by Anne Pena on 9/19/14

We are so pleased and grateful to have the privilege of receiving Fr.André Weller, OFMCap,(a Fransician Capuchin), here and we extend a warm welcome from St. Margaret Mary Alacoque Church parishioners and staff.  We are so excited to have him here and we await further revelations about his unique ... Read More »


Posted by Anne Pena on 9/17/14

Please click on the title RCIA - WHO? WHAT? WHEN? to see entire blog.


St. Margaret's Mary Church is inviting you to Join RCIA,  if you or anyone in your family and/or friends that would like to join and for the answers to WHO? WHAT? WHEN? please click here.  Sincerely, Deacon Fred

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Preparation for Lent

Posted by Anne Pena on 3/01/14

Lent and Roman Catholics Beginning Our Penitential Period “Remember You Are Dust and Unto Dust You Shall Return”


Penitential practice is meant to remind us of our humble position in the world. In the Old Testament God commands the Israelites to put ashes on their heads as ... Read More »

Welcome to our new website!

Posted by janet mclay on 1/13/14

It it with great joy and thankfulness to the Lord that I welcome you to the St. Margaret Mary website!

This page will be my blog. From time to time I will write concerning the liturgy or world events or clarify where there may be confusion on some issues.

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